The 83rd today in 1944/1945
This page shows the three Infantry Regiments and their position on the map according to the morning reports today, but then in 1944 or 1945. The table below the map contains the stations (locations) and record of events. The record of events are sometimes really... [More]
30/12/2020 | Thijs
Personal collection Colonel Edwin B Crabill
The collection contains some articles by his hand, several maps, his orders of rank and assignment and a personal scrapbook. The documents can be seen here . [More]
16/09/2018 | Thijs_
Sharpe's Battalion in World War II updated
The Sharpe's Battalion in World War II document has been updated. Almost all figures were replaced with better versions and some maps were added. The document can be found at Personal Accounts . Thanks to Martha Sharpe for providing the new pictures. [More]
01/05/2017 | Thijs_
Beware of 83rd documents on eBay
It has come to my attention that a seller on eBay called mtmestas is selling CD's with documents that reflect pretty much the contents of this site. Dont fall into this trap, all the 83rd documents that are on these CD's are also freely available on this website. [More]
05/02/2015 | Thijs_
Update, September 23, 2012
The daughter of Capt. Marion L Harkey, CO of the 83rd Signal Company, Roberta Himebrook provided me with 276 bulletins aired by the 83rd Signal Corps. They can be found at Radio news . [More]
23/09/2012 | Thijs_

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