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Hollinger Boxes, NARA

Rudy Zamula has made an Annotated Index of 114 83rd Inf Hollinger Boxes at NARA, College Park, MD. The 83rd Inf Div boxes at NARA were reboxed and renumbered from the 12xxx series to the present 10xxx series in the last few years. The 114 boxes are in the range 10477 to 10591. The Index at NARA tells you nothing beyond the Unit involved, so Rudy decided to do this annotated Index in which he tries to give you a sampling of what is in the boxes. The index can be found here.

Military papers

Various military papers were written after the war for the Infantry Training at Ft. Benning, GA.

  • link - The operations of the 3rd Platoon, Company C, 308th Engineer Combat Battalion as part of the 331st Infantry Regimental Combat Team in the attack to and crossing of the Taute River, 10-27 July 1944. Captain Calnan.
  • link - The operations of the 2nd Bn, 329th Infantry at Hurtgen Forest and Roer Valley, 10-17 December 1944 by Captain Greis.
  • link - The operations of the 331st Infantry at Gey, Germany, 10-15 December 1944 by Major Staples.
  • link - The operations of Company A, 331st Infantry at Langlir, Belgium, 11-12 January 1945 by Major Barber.


  • link - Telephone codes

The Rhine-Ruhr-Elbe Operation Reports are available below:

  • link - Part 1, April 1, 1945 to April 15, 1945 (19mb)
  • link - Part 2, April 15, 1945 to April 18, 1945 (16mb)

The 9th Army Overview of European Operation Report is available below:

  • link - May 1944 to May 1945 (27mb)

These documents are courtesy of Lou Gomori, Historian (retired), 83rd Infantry Division Association, pages scanned by Dave Curry, Historian 83rd Infantry Division Association.

Rémy Mortelette provided the V-E Day letter that Major General Robert Macon wrote on May 10, 1945. This letter belonged to the PFC Elmer O. Mace of the 331st Infantry Regiment (G Company / HQ Company / E Company). The document can be downloaded here

  • link - GI Humor: Indoctrination for return to U.S.
  • link - Recommendation to the 331st for reaching the Rhine by Major General Robert C. Macon. 9 March 1945.
  • link - Article on Lt. Gen. Robert York by Jack H. Strauss.
  • link - Tribute to Lt. Gen. Robert York from 1988 Thunderbolt issue. Provided for by James McCann.
  • link - Welkom in Limburg gedicht/Welcome to Limburg poem. Provided for by Oren Kaplan.
  • front|back - Picture and names 1st Platoon, Company B, Camp Wheeler, Georgia. Provided for by Antony DeMott.

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