Dec 30, 2020 by Thijs

The 83rd today in 1944/1945

The past three to four years I have been working on digitizing the text on morning reports and that allows us to do cool stuff with the contents. Today I present The 83rd 'today' in 1944/1945.
This page shows the three Infantry Regiments and their position on the map according to the morning reports today, but then in 1944 or 1945.

The table below the map contains the stations (locations) and record of events. The record of events are sometimes really interesting and this page makes it easy to see all of them for 'today' in 1944/1945. Note that I tried to digitize the original text from the morning report, as such it will contain typo's. You can find the The 83rd 'today' in 1944/1945 at mr.83rdinfdivdocs.org/today. I hope you like it.

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