About the burial listing

The burial listing project started in 2008 when the author of this website wanted to have a custom database to do specific searches on. The data on the ABMC website was complete but ABMC did not offer a flexible way of searching through the data. The author then decided to build his own application and this resulted in the burial listing. Since 2008 functionality has been added to add extra data to a specific record. The most significant piece being the picture of the soldiers grave. Many relatives never saw a picture of their loved ones grave and through this website many people have been able to see the final resting place. As of august 2009 the author and several volunteers made pictures of all 1393 European graves. This process was completed in 2010.

With the completion of the pictures of the graves the functionality of remarks where added so that anyone doing research and having information on that specific soldier could send in the information for it to be added.

The author of this website wants to thank the following volunteers for making the pictures. In non specific order, Jean Paul Pitou, B. Meunier, James "Ernie" Gatten, 83rd Recon Troop, Antoine Noslier, Jonathan Bernstein, Wilfried De Backer, Jean-Dominique Fabrega, Luc van der Sterren, Shane Williams, Bart, Steve Hatcher, Lewis H. Pharr, Jr., Gayle Hall/Julien Rooms, Harry May, Arthur Brookes, George Studor, Bob Corton

We shall remember these men for who they where and for the sacrifice they gave to give us our freedom.