Colonel James D Bender

Name James D Bender
Rank Colonel
Army Serial # O-8410
State Tennessee
Date of death 1944-07-11
Plot, Row, Grave A, 7, 37
Cemetery Normandy American Cemetery, Colleville-sur-Mer, France, Google Maps
Role Commanding Officer
Unit 331st Infantry Regiment, 83rd Infantry Division
Awards Silver StarPurple Heart
Remarks James Bender was professor of military science and tactics at John Tarleton Agricultural College. Bender Hall at John Tarleton Agricultural College was named after him. He left Tarleton and returned to active duty in May 1941. A bio is written on him here. His profile picture (original) and an article (original) on him is part of the Cross Timbers Historic Images Project which can be found here. The author of this website asked permission publish these pictures here but to no avail. The author of this website hopes that by mentioning the project and the originals that no copyright infringement is taking place.

Colonel James D Bender is mentioned in the 331st after action report for July, 1944 on page 4. From that AAR:

On 9 July 1944, Colonel James D. Bender assumed command of the Regiment vice Lt. Colonel George Bowen relieved.


The following day, 11 July 1944, the Regiment reinforced attacked at 0900 with the mission of seizing the town of Marchesieux to the south with the 1st and 3rd Battalions in the attacking echelon, the 3rd Battalion o the right.

At 0930, this date, while moving up the Regimental OP, Colonel James D. Bender was killed by a direct hit on his jeep from a German 88 shell.

In the morning report for July 9, 1944 on page 9 we see Colonel Bender assuming command of the 331st replacing Colonel Barndollar who was killed by an enemy sniper on July 4, 1944. On page 11 in that same morning report we see him as killed in action. Both pages 9 and 11 can be seen here as well.
Grave Soldier
James D Bender (O-8410) James D Bender (O-8410)

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