Private William G Levis

Name William G Levis
Rank Private
Army Serial # 13127019
State Pennsylvania
Date of death 1944-07-01
Plot, Row, Grave D, 16, 19
Cemetery Normandy American Cemetery, Colleville-sur-Mer, France, Google Maps
Unit 783rd Ordnance Company, 83rd Infantry Division
Remarks The After Action Report/Unit History of the 783rd Ordnance Company for July 1944 lists the following excerpt for July 1, 1944:

Lost 1 EM NBC dy to deceased, Accidentally shot by Carbine at 1800 hours while getting out of Pup tent.

Antoine Noslier provided the following excerpt from the book `Hut Two!' by Warren Rangnow, ISBN 1570870764. From this book quoted:

Like a lightning bolt the reality of war hit us today. We were eating noontime chow, seperated and in small groups for safety, when a shot rang out. I grabbed my rifle and rolled over searching the hedgerows for a hidden sniper. There was yelling and some confusion and then all was quiet. Junior Levis was dead.

This is really hard to believe. This is only our second day on the line and the jolly good kid of the Company is dead. I've been thinking of all the good times we had as bunkmates in the States and how we used to talk of the future. This is so sudden and we are in shocked disbelief.
At four o'clock I went back on guard at the gate. A few minutes later I stood staring as Gin Ricky passed through bearing Junior's tarp-covered body. I shall never forget the sight of his shoes portruding from the open tailgate and the remorse I felt. With tears in my eyes I stood and saluted him as the truck slowly disappeared down the dusty, farm road. Willian 'Junior' Levis is gone but my good friend will never be forgotten

Excerpts can be seen below. The book also included a picture of Private Levis. The IDPF of Pvt Levis also lists his cause of death as ‘Accidental gun shot wound’ which is why he was not awarded a Purple Heart. The IDPF of Pvt Levis can be downloaded here
Documents - Quote from `Hut Two!' (Warren Rangnow) about Private Levis.
- Quote from `Hut Two!' (Warren Rangnow) about Private Levis (cont'd).
- Excerpt After Action Report 783rd Ordnance Co, July 1944
Grave Soldier
William G Levis (13127019) William G Levis (13127019)

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