Colonel Edwin B. Crabill

Colonel Edwin B. Crabill was the Regimental Unit Commander of the 329th Infantry Regiment. The documents on this page were acquired by Colonel Crabill's daughter, Anne Crabill Wiley, who's expressed wish was to make the documents known to the public. Colonel Crabill's grandchildren Bruce, Blake, Andy and Claire supporting her in this made the documents available to George Studor, descendant of his namesake of the 329th ATCO, who scanned the items in to be placed on the 83rd documents website and returned them to the care of Andy Wiley, Anne Crabill's son.

Writings by Colonel Crabill

  • link - From Omaha Beach to the Elbe, The Diary of a Soldier (72 pages)
  • link - Discipline by Colonel Crabill (11 pages)
  • link - A Few Lessons in Tactics, Hurtgen Forest to the Roer River Campaign (7 pages)
  • link - Infantry in combat (5 pages)
  • link - The Combat Infantry (158 pages)
  • link - The Easy Chair, A Combat Veteran Sounds Off (6 pages)
  • link - Our Impossible War, Palm Beach Post Jan 5, 1965


The following Maps were provided, use right click, 'Save as' to save them.

  • link - Map April 4-13 - 1945, 329th Infantry Regiment
  • link - (possibly) 1944 - Berlin - Frankfurt (53mb)
  • link - 1944 Northern Germany, official map, many annotations (67mb)
  • link - 1944 Southern Germany, official map (68mb)
  • link - 1945 Route of the 83rd (14mb)
  • link - 1945 Eastern Strategic Aeronautical Map - Berlin (68mb)
  • link - 1952 Amsterdam, Frankfurt am Main Map (52mb)

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